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"Among other things, I didn't have the vigor that I once had in my business or personal life... but after beginning treatment with Dr. Rosenbloom M.D. I am now able to attack my workouts aggressively, enjoy better sex with my wife, function better at the office, and overall, I feel about the same as I did in my 20's! I am just so delighted!" Ralph Picker, Age 61
Owner Picker & Associates, Glenview

"I have searched a lifetime for calm energy. Over many years, my regular doctors were not successful in helping me lead a more active and healthy life. Time and time again, I received the same old traditional approaches and responses from my doctors with little or no realistic results. Then I met Dr. Rosenbloom and finally found what I was looking for, with fantastic results! I am feeling more comfortable in my skin, and have the renewed and consistent energy of a woman 20 years younger! I also am experiencing an increased interest in sex and feeling happier and much more in balance. I thought Dr. Rosenbloom and the entire staff at the LIFEFORCE were professional, caring, and truly interested in my success. Dr. Rosenbloom spent many hours getting to know me better than any doctor has in the past and took all the time necessary to completely explain all his findings and how to fulfill my health goals. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenbloom to anyone wishing to feel healthier and engage in a more youthful and energetic life" Janice Goldman Picker, Age 60

"LIFEFORCE is a dream come true... I finally have a body that keeps up with my aspirations!" Current International Race Car Champion & Successful Business Executive Michael Lensen, Age 64
Vancouver, BC


I'm amazed at how much my body has already changed; I've worked extremely hard at it, but I have never seen immediate improvements like these in any program anywhere. After only 12 weeks of strictly adhering to Dr. Rosenbloom's medical regimen, I could place well in any amateur body-fitness contest. I feel great, like I'm in my twenties again and I wouldn't trade that for all the money in the world! By the way, I bench pressed 360 pounds today! Hal Fournier, Age 51

"I just want to let you know how thrilled I am to have finally found the "PERFECT DOCTOR" and the "PERFECT PROGRAM" to optimize my health! Believe me, I have done my homework (including meetings with the founder of Cenegenics) and I've found your program to be the ultimate cocktail. I pray that your practice we all need caring physicians like you and proactive approaches like you offer through LIFEFORCE : I was always tired and couldn't lose weight, especially after menopause, but thanks to Dr. Rosenbloom M.D. I now look and feel like a whole new woman!" Mary Caris, Age 55, WI


Dr. Mark Rosenbloom is not only brilliant; he deeply cares about my wellness. I've never been treated by a healthcare professional with a greater commitment to my overall wellbeing. He has tirelessly researched solutions to my many physical challenges (from Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis and a neuro-muscular disease, to partial paralysis, and autoimmune disease). And although I turn 60 next year, he not only has me living a full life without the use of prescription medications... I am still actively competing in multiple sports and running circles around my teenagers!
Mark Fournier, Age 59
Founder, Provost, Center for Empowerment

"I had just turned thirty when I first visited Dr. Rosenbloom M.D.. I was suffering from a variety of complaints. I felt lethargic all the time, was highly prone to muscle aches and pains, had virtually no libido and was also contending with a painful inflammatory condition which none of my other doctors could figure out. I might as well have just turned eighty. And I'm not someone who has ever taken a casual approach to my health and wellness. I thought I was eating properly, and as a yoga teacher I made sure to keep up a robust yoga practice, so I was in pretty good shape. But there is a difference between fitness and health, and while I may have been fit, I wasn't feeling healthy. After my visit to Dr. Rosenbloom M.D., I came away with a detailed understanding of why I was probably feeling so unhealthy. Their tests revealed a number of health issues and deficiencies I was never aware of, but the friendly and helpful staff assured me that they had a plan to help get me back on track. By following recommendations provided by Dr. Rosenbloom M.D. for supplements, diet and exercise, I'm feeling better than I have in years. I feel younger, stronger, faster, and pain-free, after just a month on the program. I finally feel like I'm getting my health back on track, and I keep feeling better and better. One of the things I learned at the Institute is that it's never too soon to start age management. Some of the issues that were uncovered, had they gone untreated into my late thirties, or early forties, could have wound up causing untold grief and who knows how many tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. My yoga teacher always said, "The most important thing in your life is: your life. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anything or anybody else." With that in mind, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rosenbloom M.D.. I believe in the work that's being done at the Institute, their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled in my experience, and I think they can help both, men and women of any age to get back on the path to optimal health and well being." Justin Sluyter

"Dr. Rosenbloom, I feel so much healthier and very lucky to have met you. I will continue to promote you and your wonderful team to my patients." Dr. Laurie Casas M.D. FACS
Clinical Associate Professor, University of Chicago; Pritzker School of Medicine, Plastic Surgery

"I am 54 years old and have worked with many traditional doctors and age management doctors over the last few years. They all helped, but I never felt quite right. Now that I am on Dr. Rosenbloom's program, I can honestly say that I feel better than I have in the last 10 years. I am energized and stronger, have great workouts, am sleeping great and enjoying life! I highly recommend Dr. Rosenbloom to anyone who wants to feel, act and "be" 10-20 years younger!" Louise Caron, Age 54
Highland Park

Knowledgeable; Kind; Prompt; Available; Non-Judgmental; Superior!

These are all adjectives that I would use to describe Dr. Rosenbloom and his staff.

After experiencing disappointment from another physician that I trusted in the field of hormone replacement, I entered into this meeting with Dr. Rosenbloom with a more than healthy dose of skepticism. Upon meeting Dr. Rosenbloom, this skepticism quickly turned to optimism. He is gentle and is a true expert in his field. I am always amazed by doctors who take the time to listen and are interested in fixing the problem versus throwing pharmaceuticals at it to mask symptoms.

He understood my desire to be proactive in my care to health and aging. He and his staff take great care in testing and understanding the psychology behind my concerns and lifestyle choices. Dr. Rosenbloom is wickedly interesting and I always feel comfortable talking about my health and desired outcome.

Dr. Rosenbloom has made an excellent choice in staff! Rosie is a God send and most helpful. From insurance to ordering prescriptions, she is there to answer any questions and does so with a great sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoy any interaction I have with her. It makes such a difference when you can interact easily and comfortably with an entire office.

Thank you to Dr. Rosenbloom and staff for making an incredible difference in my health and life!

KIM Hinsdale, Age 51
August 2016

Exceptional Doctor, exceptional staff, exceptional results.


Like many women my age, I was looking for guidance in healthy living and help with menopausal systems. Dr. Rosenbloom has helped tremendously with both. My menopausal symptoms are gone and my path to living longer is what I can now concentrate on.

Thank you Dr. Mark Rosenbloom!

I would like to acknowledge Dr. Rosenbloom for his detailed care and consistent growth in his knowledge in Anti Aging. I have been his Patient for almost 3 years, his main focus is Balancing my Hormone Levels which gives me more Energy and Vitality in my Daily Life. Integrating my DNA results to obtain the best recommendations for any additional supplements.

What is most appreciated is his Communicational Skills in providing his patients with descriptive results in the blood work. As well as meeting him Annually in his office in Northfield for a complete analysis on the progress and his care. Along with having a State of Art equipment in his office which gives immediate results on my bone density and muscle mass.

Dr. Rosenblooms turn around time is usually 24 hours with any question that I may have, which makes me feel I am a VIP Patient. I know he genuinely cares, as a result I see positive results.

His Organizational Skills goes Over and Beyond; His Associates are very efficient in making sure I never run out of my daily supplements. The office staff is friendly and professional always, there turn around time meets my needs.


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