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Testosterone Replacement Therapy For Men Dr. Rosenbloom M.D. customizes treatment and tailors it to you!
Symptoms: fatigue, stress, lethargy, decreased focus, memory, poor performance, decreased libido, bone loss, foggy thinking, weight gain, and many other symptoms.
Treatment: Testosterone, thyroid and other hormones, pharmaceutical-grade supplements, along with diet and exercise guidance.
Results: Stronger, healthier, and happier you!

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone secreted primarily by the testicles in men. It is the primary male sex hormone responsible for male sexual development. Testosterone is critical in maintaining erectile function, libido, normal energy levels, healthy body composition, cognition, and resistance to many chronic diseases. In addition, testosterone also controls a whole range of physiological functions throughout the body.

What causes low testosterone?

Testosterone levels decline with age, beginning when a man is in his thirties. By the age of 80, it is only 1/5 of what it was in youth. In addition to aging, stress may play a role in lowering testosterone levels. Factors such as increased estrogen levels (due to obesity, a high-fat diet, alcohol consumption, and low levels of serum zinc) and insulin-resistance in men can further reduce free testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels have been linked to common health issues such as:

Alzheimer's disease
Type II Diabetes
Muscle Wasting
Loss of Sex Drive
Erectile Dysfunction
High Blood Pressure
Excess Body Fat
Inflammatory-Related Diseases
Cardiovascular Disease

How can Dr. Rosenbloom help you?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) will be given to individuals with low testosterone levels. TRT will be provided under the guidance of Dr. Rosenbloom and his professional staff, who will carefully monitor your hormone levels to ensure safe replacement of decreasing hormones. Doing so will effectively reduce, if not eliminate, all of the symptoms above, and in some areas, even reverse the damage. In addition to BHRT, there are many ways to increase testosterone levels and improve your quality of life, such as:

  • Reducing excess body fat
  • Weight training
  • Consuming less alcohol
  • Eating a healthy low-fat diet
  • Managing stress
  • Eating less soy products
  • Being mindful with medications that impair liver function
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